Report Fraud


Reporting Welfare Fraud

     You can report someone you suspect is committing welfare fraud to the Minnesota Fraud Investigators Association.  The organization itself has no authority to investigate fraud nor does MFIA have any power to compel a state or county agency to conduct an investigation.  This organization is made up of welfare fraud investigators, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and others who may have the authority to investigate allegations of fraud within their jurisdiction or purview.

     By reporting fraud to MFIA, we forward your report to the closest MFIA member to the location in which the person you suspect fraud is living.  From that point on, MFIA is no longer involved in any further action that may or may not be taken as a result of a suspected fraud report and cannot answer questions about what is being done or not being done with the report made through us.  

     Falsely reporting another person of committing welfare fraud is a crime.  There is far more welfare fraud being committed than there is investigators to track down every person defrauding the state and county's public assistance programs.  False reports not only are a crime, they interrupt investigators who could be pursuing valid reports of fraud.  Do not use MFIA or any other means to make false reports against others. Those who make false reports are vulnerable to criminal prosecution for making false reports.

How to Report Suspected Welfare Fraud

      Email your concerns to the Minnesota Fraud Investigators Association at  Provide as much detail as possible, including your contact email address. Reports with a bogus email address will not be acted upon.  If possible, leave a contact phone number in the body of the message so that follow up questions can be asked.

     When contacted by an investigator, you can request to remain anonymous.  Please ensure you include the name of the city and county where the person committing fraud lives.

     You can also contact the Minnesota Department of Human Services and report fraud at: or at 651-431-3968