Minnesota Fraud Investigators Association


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The Minnesota Fraud Investigators Association, or MFIA, is a private organization of public assistance fraud investigators from both state and county level.  Its purpose is the elimination of public assistance fraud by the active participation of a group of persons and agencies concerned with the detection, elimination and prosecution of those who gain, or assist those who gain by fraudulent acts.  MFIA fulfills that purpose by establishing a network of program integrity professionals to enhance communication and coordination among all its members throughout the state, and by conducting two training events each year to improve the effectiveness of fraud detection and investigation by its members.

Membership in MFIA is limited to any public employee directly involved in the prevention, detection, elimination and prosecution of public assistance fraud, to include those under contract to perform such duties and those affiliated individuals in federal agencies.   

If you are a member of the general public and would like to report suspected welfare fraud, you can do that by clicking on the Report Fraud link on this page.  Please understand that MFIA is a private, non-profit organization that has no authority to conduct investigations. Your report will be forwarded to one of our members in the appropriate jurisdiction for his or her review.  

If you qualify and would like to apply for a membership in MFIA, click on the Contact Us link to provide us with your information and how we can contact you.

To learn more about our organization click on the link, About MFIA.

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